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Navigating the AI Revolution: A Strategic Approach

July 26, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In a world suddenly awakened to the vast potential of general AI capabilities, organizational dynamics are rapidly transforming. Our virtual roundtable presents a strategic framework to navigate the AI revolution, helping leaders seize opportunities while minimizing risks.

Explore how the sudden democratization of AI has ignited a boom in utilization, raising critical issues around HR policies, job descriptions, security, IP protection, ethics, and best practices. Engage in dialogue on the AI revolution’s disruptive impact on productivity, communication, job displacement, and ethical concerns.

Unpack our comprehensive AI Strategy Mapping framework, which helps leaders understand, measure, evaluate, plan, and strategize around AI in four key areas: Financial, People, Technology, and Operations. Understand the risks and rewards at different levels of AI integration – from basic efficiency improvement to disruptive innovation.

Learn how to evaluate AI opportunities and risks using our proprietary AI Opportunity Evaluation Framework (AI-OEF) and AI Risk Evaluation Framework (AI-REF). Discuss the nuances of investment strategy for problem-solving, disruptive innovation, and infrastructure development.

Dive into the critical people aspect of AI integration, exploring new organizational structures, skill requirements, cultural shifts, and the role of leadership in enabling an AI-ready culture. Understand the importance of data strategy, privacy policies, access control, AI systems’ development, and the role of a Chief Data Officer in the technology sphere.

Finally, examine operational considerations like security, regulatory compliance, data management, and the assessment of AI service providers.

This roundtable provides a roadmap for executives grappling with the AI revolution. Join us as we navigate the challenging, exciting landscape of AI integration and unlock the future of your organization.


July 26, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm