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Disrupting Borders and Boundaries: AI and LLMs as Game-changers for Global Collaboration

In an increasingly fracturing world, language and cultural barriers while not the only barrier, continue to impede genuine global collaboration. The challenges posed by these barriers are well-documented, from multinational corporations grappling with effective supply chain operations to financial institutions seeking to expand their footprint in foreign markets. Yet, the rapid advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Language Learning Models (LLMs) may finally present us with a meaningful utility to increasing cross-border efficacy. AI and LLMs have erupted onto the technological landscape, heralding a future where communication extends beyond the simple use of a common language. They promise to bridge the communication gap, not just by providing accurate translation services but by understanding and interpreting the nuances of culture and context. The implications are immense, particularly for industries that operate with a high global footprint. Consider the supply chain industry. Companies operating in far-flung locations… Read More »Disrupting Borders and Boundaries: AI and LLMs as Game-changers for Global Collaboration

AI Disruption: Grasping at the Uncharted Organizational Impact of ChatGPT

The impact of AI and foundation models on our lives, businesses, and careers is profound, but the full extent will only be understood in hindsight. That doesn’t stop us from trying. The way in which we have organized the world may change, and facing this uncertainty, our imaginations are wired to fill it in with images and stories that range from the doom and gloom to AI Utopia. Both of these extremes are unlikely, and while it’s easy to say that the reality will fall somewhere in between, the more probable outcome is that we really don’t understand yet what the spectrum will actually look like. Foundation models are enabling us to organize and execute with language in a way we have never been able to do before. What I can tell you from my personal experience building AI teams and AI products and AI… Read More »AI Disruption: Grasping at the Uncharted Organizational Impact of ChatGPT

Future-proofing Your Big Data Strategy

How can you futureproof your big data strategy? As big data continues to become more widely utilized, providing organizations with numerous advantages, tech leaders must steer clear of prevalent misconceptions and embrace emerging trends to stay at the forefront of innovation, shares Misha Sulpovar, VP of artificial intelligence product at Cherre. Data is critical for firms in and outside of technology fields. Organizational data, especially when it meets the world of second and third-party data, promises to provide a treasure trove of insights to catapult all aspects of the business.  By now, most organizations have embarked on their data journey and have learned it is not always the most straightforward trajectory. Though organizations have become more comfortable in the cumbersome but critical pursuit of data maturity, 2023 is the year that will flip this new-found comfort on its head.  People who have discovered or used… Read More »Future-proofing Your Big Data Strategy